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Professional Project Management Consultant

Whatever changes you’re hoping to make or goals you’re trying to achieve for your business, I’ll provide you with sound project management every step of the way.


Take a look at my site and see how I can help you.



Projects can be challenging; I’m here to lighten the load from your shoulders.

I’m an honest and positive professional who is detailed and approachable and whose first priority is always the interests of my clients; treating their projects and resources as if they are my own. I embrace challenges and enjoy finding creative solutions.

Being responsive and efficient is imperative for all my clients.  I have chosen to be selective with the amount of projects I take on so I can give all projects the focus they need. 


Since 2016, Summit Project Management has been serving loyal clients in the Reno area.


I have the knowledge and experience to meet and exceed your expectations, and offer a variety of services customizable to fit your specific needs.

Construction Management

My clients are my number one priority, I treat their money and time like it is mine and I am committed to their success.
Contact me and  learn more about how I can make your project thrive.

Summit Project Management

Manufacturing Plant Relocation

Facing a plant relocation?  Have to stay in production?  I have the expertise and experience to manage your move for you. I will deal with your permitting agency for you.   I have relationships with contractors experienced with relocations.   I can help plan your move, manage the contractor and/or sub contractors and the equipment mover so that I can unburden you from these tasks.

Industrial Equipment Installations

My services are customized to meet the specific needs of each installation. I work collaboratively throughout the entire process with the equipment supplier, buyer, installation contractor and subcontractors necessary for efficient installation of your new equipment. Contact me to find out how I can help you.

Summit Project Management
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Technical Research

Looking for the solution that you know must be out there in the marketplace somewhere but just can't seem to find the right thing.  I am very experienced with research and understanding technical specifications and can do the research to find the right solution for you.

More About Me

I have nearly 30 years of professional work experience and a degree in Mechanical Engineering.  The majority of my career has been spent managing projects for a variety of companies that manufactured specialty engineered products.

Specialty Engineered Products

  • Design, fabrication and installation of Waste Heat to Electric Power Generators.


  • Design and fabrication of Seismic Bearings for protection of bridges and buildings from earthquakes. 


  • Design and fabrication of Duct Burners for Co-Generation power plants.  

   Construction Experience

In between working for manufacturing companies, I spent four years working for a General Contractor managing commercial and multi-family construction projects as well as having a significant role in managing the company. 


International Experience

  • Lived in Europe for 2+ years where I managed the installation of 40+ Green Machines and trained dealers and operators in Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Romania, France, and Italy.


  • I worked closely with a Japanese distributor of seismic bearings for nearly 10 years.  Worked with Koreans, Chileans and Taiwanese on multiple seismic protection projects. 


Start Ups  

Two of the companies I worked for as an employee were start-up companies, giving  me extensive experience in setting up systems for manufacturing, testing, quality control, and purchasing of products.


Over my years I have managed many projects that involved installation of construction products and industrial equipment that required, cranes, riggers, electricians, plumbers, refrigerant technicians, welders, painters, IT techs, a wide variety of trade professionals.  Excellent communication with all parties and meeting schedule commitments were always essential especially when many of these projects were completed in foreign countries,

for clients that did not speak much English.  I have also managed a variety of staff, engineers, draftsmen, refrigerant technicians, programmers, electricians, mechanics, superintendents, laborers, purchasing agents, interns, manufacturing personnel.

Tonopah Lofts Ext Front


Not just the kind words below from my clients...but the actions of my clients hiring SPM repeatedly and forming lasting relationships with me

"Greg is very detailed, extremely knowledgeable, responds quickly to any issues that arise and I completely trust him.  He's great at scheduling contractors, making sure the arrive when they say they will be there, overseeing their work, and overall ensuring the job gets done right.  I have been with him on multiple occasions when a major issue has come up at a site and he was very good at diffusing the situation and handling diplomatically.  He also ensures we are invoiced for the correct amount and obtains several bids if he feel our usual contractor is quoting us a bit high and, in some cases, he has saved us more money than it has cost us to hire him for the project."

Tiffany Roland - Director of Finance, Somersett


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9950 N Virginia St, Reno NV


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