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Achieving Goals

Construction Management


October 2017 - December 2019

SPM worked as the Owner’s representative for the construction of eight, 3 story townhomes on Tonopah St. in Mid-town, Reno.  SPM managed the GC,  vetted the change orders, managed the relocation of utility poles used by NV Energy, AT&T and Spectrum, reviewed changes for manholes in the street with the City or Reno, negotiated off-site improvements with the City Reno.  SPM resolved detailing conflicts with subs, GC, and Architect with understanding and patience for all parties involved.  SPM drove efforts to incorporate Value Engineering suggestions from construction team members to fruition at the onset of the project and throughout the duration.   SPM conducted finished unit inspections and created punch lists for the GC, and made certain that all tasks were completed.

Construction Management


January 2020 - December 2021

S3 Development purchased this 40,000 sqft building that was only 15% occupied and outdated.  SPM worked for S3 Development managing a renovation of the exterior, the courtyard, the parking lot, and an expansion of the parking lot into a neighboring parcel.    As interest grew in the project, new tenants started leasing the interior spaces.  SPM managed the tenant improvements for over a dozen suites, some were only empty shells and required significant changes like the additions of exterior doors and windows, additions of bathrooms, addition of a grease interceptor for a new coffee shop and chocolate factory.  Some of the larger TI’s and site work was performed by GC’s that SPM managed, smaller TI's ones were done directly with subs, managed by SPM.  TI’s were completed for The Mill , Atelier Hair Salon, Sierra and Sage, Walgreens Neighborhood Pharmacy, Talage Insurance, Ride Concepts, Sierra Pacific Mortgage, Entravision, Terraphase Engineering, Craig Team Realty, Dorinda’s Chocolate, Live Kaya, Code Coffee.

Construction Management


May 2017 - February 2021

SPM, working for S3 Development as owner’s rep, managed the GC that performed the extensive renovation of the exterior of the building and one of the larger TI’s.   As the exterior was renovated, interest grew in the building and TI’s were done for All Western Mortgage, Logic Commercial Real Estate, Structure Hair Salon and a massaged therapist, all managed by SPM.

Printing Plant Relocation


February - October 2016

Food Label printing company – SPM planned and oversaw the move of Momar from Reno to Sparks while they stayed in production.  The printing equipment required large electrical power, compressed air lines, chiller lines, and network connections to operate.  All of these utilities had to be properly placed and functioning in the new plant prior to moving the equipment over so that once the new piece of equipment arrived it could be quickly connected and put back to service within a week.  This required a tremendous amount of planning, layout, management of subs, interactions with the City Officials, and specialist technicians, to coordinate all the pieces, keep people safe and move the plant so that they were able to keep some machines operational throughout the move so that they did not miss any deliveries to their clients.

Construction Management


October 2017 - June 2018

SPM jumped into this  project mid-stream for the developer that was building 6 duplexes and 5 single family homes at a location in downtown Reno.  Despite the developer and builder having a long business relationship tensions had escalated and both parties were frustrated with the unresolved project issues and each other.   SPM was hired by the Developer and inserted between the developer and the contractor.  By focusing on listening and understanding to the issues, I was able to work with both parties to find equitable and reasonable solutions to the obstacles that had slowed the project and helped push the project over the finish line.

Construction Management


$1.5M Law office renovation – SPM was hired by Lewis Roca who had leased the entire third floor of the US Bank building in downtown Reno.  The existing space was completed gutted and rebuilt, all with high-end finishes.  SPM completed a thorough review of all the plans and specifications and provided detailed comments on all the needed revisions, and helped eliminate requirements that were adding costs and not providing real value. SPM wrote the invitation to bid, hosted the job walks, selected 3 qualified GC’s to bid the work, coordinated RFI’s with Architect and GC’s, reviewed bids and Value Engineering (VE) recommendations.  Once GC was on board, SPM managed the GC during the construction phase, performed regular site visits to see the work was conforming to specs, managed RFI’s with Architect to get clarifications, and performed lots of work on VE suggestions that eventually saved the owner nearly $100,000 on the job.    SPM as the owner’s representative also took care of the required “Special Inspections” with an independent inspector, and managed the processes to obtain the “Will Serve Letter” from the local water utility, obtained “Asbestos Letter” from the Washoe County Air Quality Department, and submitted all the drawing revisions to the City of Reno.

Construction Management


March 2021 - October 2021

This space was an empty shell of 2500 sqft with 26' tall ceilings before the renovations began.  SPM managed the installation of new exterior windows, interior walls, glass walls and doors, flooring, white washed a brick wall, installed exercise bars  and back lit mirrors to create a one of a kind Pilates studio for the client. 

"Greg and his team helped me build my dream business. They were on top of all everything at every point in time. Anytime I brought a new idea to the table, Greg figured out a way to make it work in the most efficient and beautiful way possible. I was stunned with the results." - Sonja Liu - Owner of The Mill

Project Manager


2008 thru 2009

Mr. Lawson was brought into this $22M construction project midstream shortly after the investors had chosen to switch the project that was already under construction from Apartments to Condominiums.   There were 112 units, clubhouse and swimming pool on 11 acres of land that had been a water treatment facility.  This change in direction resulted in many construction detailing changes and increased quality of products which resulted in $2.5M in change orders that were still unresolved.  The project had just been shut down by the Reno Fire Department for some unaddressed violations and the superintendent had developed a drug habit.  Within days the project was rolling again, in a few months the change orders were all resolved and the project was moving ahead at a good pace with new superintendents and field personnel.   As a result of the economic bubble bursting in 2008, a few of the contractors wound up going out of business resulting  in the GC having to pick up a few of the trades and self-perform to get the project to completion.

Construction Management


October 2018 - January 2022

SPM worked for the developer as owners rep managing modifications to the building and managed TI’ s for Rou Bourbon, Fat Cats Burgers, and ReMax Gold.

Construction Management


May 2017 - October 2018

SPM was hired to manage the renovation of a dated and vacant school that required abatement for asbestos in many of the buildings materials.  SPM put together the Request for Proposals and bid the work to three abatement contractors, and managed the abatement work.  SPM also worked with the Architect/Engineer to find some significant cost savings for the renovation of the building.  SPM  managed the permitting process, the acquisition of RTC credits and water rights, selected the GC and managed the underground and utility work, which included the removal of overhead power lines and the installation of completely new switch gear needed for the placement of 12 modular classrooms on the site.

“Mr. Greg Lawson is a professional who demonstrates a tremendous knowledge of overall construction design, operations, and implementation with a central focus on details and project costs,”

-Victor Schoenfeldt, Principal SNACS

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